Poured Rubber Surfacing

Poured Rubber Surfacing

Poured Rubber Surfacing Pool Deck

Rubber surfacing is a unique and superior resurfacing product that stands out from others in its field. It combines advanced polymer resins with rubber to create a surface that is both resilient and non-skid, making it virtually indestructible. This type of flooring is poured in place by professionals, either over a new surface or an existing one, and is available in a wide range of colors.

The versatility of rubber surfacing is evident in its installation in various commercial and residential environments. It has been successfully used in water parks, indoor and outdoor swimming pool decks, and leisure centers.

One of the key advantages of poured in place rubber is its fast and professional installation process. Our Craftsmen mix the rubber on-site and apply it evenly over the surface, resulting in a seamless and visually appealing finish. The use of special rubber safety surfacing materials allows for custom logos and designs, as well as application on angular surfaces like pool coping or stair faces.

Poured Rubber Surfacing Bridge Walkway

Safety is a top priority when it comes to rubber surfacing. The skid-resistant nature of poured in place rubber, especially when wet, makes it an ideal choice for wet deck applications. This feature ensures that users can walk on the surface without fear of slipping, similar to the grip provided by a bath mat.

Another remarkable characteristic of poured in place rubber is its ability to stretch. It can accommodate most cracks caused by ground movement, making it a durable and long-lasting option. Additionally, rubber safety surfacing expands and contracts with temperature changes, further enhancing its resilience.

Poured in place rubber adheres directly to a wide range of solid substrate materials, including concrete, asphalt, epoxy stone, brick, wood, steel, tarmac, chipboard, and aluminum. This versatility eliminates the need for extensive preparation work and allows for easy application on various surfaces. Surface blemishes can be easily filled and eliminated without the use of disruptive equipment like jackhammers.

Poured Rubber Surfacing Gym & Exercise Facility

Maintaining a poured in place rubber surface is hassle-free. It is stain-resistant and can be cleaned with ordinary soap and water, ensuring that it retains its aesthetic appeal over time. If repairs are ever needed, they can be easily carried out by an installation specialist.

In summary, rubber surfacing offers a superior resurfacing solution with its combination of high-tech polymer resins and rubber. Its poured in place installation process, skid-resistant nature, flexibility, adhesion to various substrates, and easy maintenance make it a standout choice for both commercial and residential applications.